XED Street Light With Double XED Bulbs X-ST02

XED Street Light With Double XED Bulbs X-ST02

XED Street Light X-ST01

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XED Street Light X-ST01


XED Light Spectrum Compared With Other Lighting Sources


XED High CRI Offer US Clear Visual During Night

XED Compared With HPS, Save>60% Energy 

(From above pictures comparision, we can find that the flowers and grass display better under 150W 3000K XED Light than under 400W HPS light, which means 150W XED Light can replace 400W HPS light, XED save > 60% Energy than HPS )



XED No Glare, Provides A Safer Visual Environment For Traffic

(When there is glare along streets, the drivers eyes will be blinded by glares and can not see objects, it is very dangerous and easy to cause accidents. )


XED Light Without Blue Light Pollution, Better For Environment

(1.Blue light can mislead the migration of birds, causing large numbers of bird deaths; 2.Blue light apparently suppresses the production of melation which helps you sleep at night. And it’s not just humans whose circadian rhythms are getting messed up — the effects are seen throughout the animal kingdom; 3.In rainy or foggy days, if both sides of the road are equipped with LED lights, our vision in front of the car is very blurred, which is very easy to cause traffic accidents.XED Lights without above problems, offer safer and more environmental friendly solution for street lighting.)



Lumen Loss <30% at 30,000hours

(Based on real installed projects, lumen loss at 25,000hours is 20%~25%; Lumen loss at 30,000hours is <30%, that means the real effective lifetime of XED lights is >30,000hours.)


Very Stable Lighting Performance Even in the Worst Environments

(When took this picture, the outside temperature is -47℃, all other lighting sources in this industrial park were out of work because of extremely cold weather, only these XED Lights were still working well)


Failure Rate <0.25%, Lowest In the World

(So far, XED lights has been installed >1,000,000sets, the failure rate based on real projects installed is <0.25%, it is the lowest failure rate in the world, almost no need maintenance cost )


Easy to Install

(There are 3 Methods for Different Power And Light Fictures)

Installation Method 1 


Installation Method 2



Installation Method 3

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