What is XED Light ? 

XED is short for ‘Xenon Energy Saving Discharg Lamp’, XED Light with full light spectrum like sunlight, it is the best artificial lighting source so far. 

XED Working Principle: 

XED(Xenon Energy Discharge Lamp), working principle: Xenon gas with high voltage excitation, the free electrons in the lamp electric field obtain enough energy to collision atom, so that it releases more free electrons, which cause the gas lamp continuous avalanche discharge, thereby releasing out of electromagnetic waves, and ultimately achievethe purposeofgasdischarge light.


XED Light Color Temperature:

XED Color Temperature can be 3000K~7000K, the temperatures most used are 3000K and 4200K, 3000K is very suitable for outdoor lighting and 4200K is best for indoor lighting. 


XED Light Spectrum of visible part: 

    4200K XED Light Spectrum, it is very similar with sunlight, the CRI. can reach 97.36Ra, it is the highest CRI. artificial lighting source;

    3000K XED Light Spectrum, it is very similar with moonlight.

     XED Light Spectrum compared with sunlight and moonlight:



 XED UV Light Spectrum:



XED Light Advantages:

  • Full Spectrum most similar with sunlight, the CRI can reach 97.36Ra, XED is the highest CRI. artificial lighting source;
  • No glare, very safe for outdoor lighting, especially for street lighting, for indoor lighting is also safe for human being eyes;
  • No blue light damage to eyes for indoor lighting, and no blue pollution to environment for outdoor lighting;
  • Strong light penetration, with XED light we still can see clearly during rainy and foggy days outside; 
  • Super Energy Saving, save >60% energy than HPS light;
  • Can be installed in different kinds of harsh environments which other lights can not work, such as cold weather -47℃;
  • Super long real effective lifetime, lumen loss <30% at 30,000hours; 
  • Extremely low failure rate. so far XED lights have been installed >1,000,000sets, the failure rate based on real projects data is <0.25%;
  • Very easy to install and maintenance, just replace ballast or bulb is ok, no need to replace the whole light, because of failure rate is extremely and real effective lifetime is extremely long, the maitenance cost is very low;
  • Super cost effective for health, safety, energy saving, ecosystem and environment protection.


XED Light Applications:

  1. XED is the artificial lighting source with the highest CRI.,can be widely used for lots high resolution, high precision industries, and other industries require high quality lighting; Without Glare and Blue light damage, make it more healthy and safer for indoor lighting;

       2.XED light without glare, make it very safe for outdoor lighting, such as street lighting; and no blue light pollution for environment; strong penetration is make sure we can still see clearly during rainly and foggy days outside;

     3. XED with full spectrum very similar to sunlight, it is very perfect for indoor plant grow lighting and indoor biology lighting supplement; 

     4. XED UV Light including UVA,UVB and full spectrum of visible light, it is really including all spectrum of sunlight, very necessary for indoor lighting of earth biology.