Best Lighting Solution forHigh Resolution.Safety.Health.

XED Light Limited Creates and designs XED Lights, XED with lights spectrum most similar with sunlight, with advantages of high CRI., no glare, no glue light effect, strong light penetration, super energy saving, it is best lighting solution for high resolution, safety and health, our mission is 'Better Lighting, Better Earth'.

Who We Are

XED is short for "Xenon Energy Saving Discharging Lamp", XED Light Limited creates and designs XED Lights since 2003, XED Light with full spectrum which is most similar with sunlight, XED lights with advantages of Highest CRI., No Glare, No Blue Light harm nor Blue Light Pollution Effect, Strong Light Penetration, Super Long Real Effective Lifetime, and Extremely Low Failure Rate, so far 1,000,000sets of XED lights have been installed over world, XED Light has won good reputations of users and customers. Now we start to develop and produce XED UV Lights and XED indoor lights for better indoor growing and better indoor biologies activities, XED Light Limited Mission is 'Better Lighting, Better Earth'.

Our History

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